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sterna biologicals aims to rapidly translate fundamental research into novel drug candidates for the treatment of a broad spectrum of indication. Our insights into the clinical aspects of immunology guide our approach to drug discovery. The overall aim is to causatively interfere at a very early stage with central disease-causing mechanisms. All our compounds in development either possess unique advantages compared to existing forms of therapy or seek to provide medical relief to so far inadequately addressed patient populations.

SB010, our lead compound for moderate and severe Th2-driven asthma, represents the result of a decade of research into DNAzymes and immunology. A range of publications in some of the leading medical journals demonstrate that the transcription factor GATA-3 occupies a key position in the pathology of asthma. We discovered that the active component of SB010 proved superior to other GATA-3 specific DNAzymes in vitro and showed significant anti-inflammatory activities in pre-clinical models in vivo. Moreover, the characteristics of DNAzymes in general such as synthetic (i.e. non-biological) production and high specificity of action make them ideal drug candidates. SB010 successfully completed clinical Phase IIa in 2014. Our drug candidates for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and ulcerative colitis, SB011 and SB012, are currently in Phase IIa clinical trials.

We are also developing a range of assays and diagnostic tests for our targets to support our stratified therapy approach.

The company closed a EUR 14.3 million (USD 20.9 million) financing round in 2011 and is well-funded for its current development programme.

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